Sunday, 20 May 2018

Appalling behaviour!

Photo 01 - Andy with his smashing duck breaking 12 pounder!

Appalling behaviour!

A visiting angler was in touch last week telling us of his success in nabbing a 12lbs Pike from the bottom of the Lowes! Great work said I but what he relayed to me in subsequent emails was a tad more worrying. The angler was quite content but that was soon to end. A couple of Transit vans appeared loaded with Kayaks/canoes, I don’t know how to differentiate!

Anyway, the group consisted of a bunch of testosterone-fuelled teenagers but no red-blooded male would object to a few high jinks! However, worse was to come when the group leader asked the group to come together above the anglers rods (effectively ruining his session) and when he enlightened the group leader that this was ruining his sport he was subjected to a torrent of misinformation and muttering!

Now, this fool of a leader thinks he can practice his sport wherever he likes, WRONG! What he should have been aware of is the section in the countryside code where it says sport should be carried without detriment to other user groups. They were so close to the anglers rod tips that he had to remove them for everyone’s sake! In Borders terms the lochs are huge yet they choose to carry out their activities next to an angler!

That effectively was the end of his fishing trip bullied off the water by an ignoramus! Now the theme of this tale of woe is nothing new, it has happened many times before in many guises! Why do anglers and indeed sailors pay for the privilege of using the loch and these people do not! There is something seriously amiss here!

If any reader knows the identity of this group please contact me so we can educate these people! I asked at the Tibbie and the cafe and whilst they both saw them they did not know who they were. The worrying thing here is that the youngsters will see the example of their leader and think it is the proper way to behave! The affected angler suggested posting signs but the problems are people like this think they are too smart to read lowbrow notices and there is no one point at which they embark.

Oh, I was forgetting the warden well he was nowhere to be seen. You expect Tory politicians to make chumps out of themselves, we would expect better from an organised group of so-called sportsmen!

Photo 02 - Some of the Champagne bottles recovered yesterday!

A busy Sunday!

A word of advice to any anglers seeking to visit on Sunday the 27th of May, the loch will be very busy! The Fishermann Angling Club are holding their annual lure fishing competition over both lochs and there will be 44 entrants. Now whilst the lochs can accommodate this number of anglers with ease there will undoubtedly be a crowded feeling compared to normal weekends. Seeking the quiet life? Give Sunday a miss. The club wishes all entrants good luck and tight lines!

Photo 03 - Loch level now quite low!

Affluent boozers!

Last week Les noted a pile of empty Champagne type bottles under the water near the boathouse. Well, this week Andy Grey fished them out and retrieved 27 bottles. Were they dumped there? Possibly, or they could have washed down from further up the loch. Either way, these affluent boozers should have known better, they were simply littering louts!

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Stop press!

We have been informed by the sailing club on St Mary's Loch that the two events where they utilise the full length of the loch are as follows - The laser and solo open meeting, 19th May 2018
               Annual regatta for mirrors and enterprises, 25th-26th August 2018.

This is short notice but due to circumstances beyond our control earlier publication was not possible. There should be no problems but any angler encountering difficulties please phone 07980350031

Sunday, 13 May 2018

A rough guide!

Photo 01 - 3lbs 2oz or 4lbs 4oz? Irrespective, a delighted visitor!

A rough guide!

You will see from photo 01 above a visiting angler holding a very nice Brown Trout caught last Saturday on the Loch o the Lowes! At a glance you can tell its a special fish but how big is it? Well, the lad who caught it was practicing for the lure fishing competition in the next couple of weeks and in that competition each centimeter earns points.

Photo 02 - Gordon with a super St Mary's Brownie!

Now, that’s all very well but for competitions such as our yearly heavy Trout, a weight is essential. The wonderful 53cm Trout has a possible weight range of3lbs 2oz up to 4lbs 4oz depending on condition and time of year.  Now an angler must make a subjective judgment as to the condition of that fish.

Photo 03 - A headless Gordon, with yet another cracking Brownie!

Now even a fairly minded angler can easily pick the wrong category by adding or subtracting 4 to 8oz from the actual weight. In a similar vein, a desperate angler could add over a pound to the weight by skillful photography and a brass neck!  It is clear then length to weight charts is nothing more than a rough guide, there is no substitute for a weighed fish.

Photo 04 - Gordon with a splendid midweek Brownie!

I should point out the angler who sent in the photo of that splendid Brown Trout stated only that the fish measured 53cm, he never made any claim as to its possible weight! All we can say is well done mate that was indeed a most splendid fish!

Photo 05 - Visitor with a welcome Pike!

Waking up!

Yesterday proved to be one of the warmer days since our prolonged winter and it was very pleasant indeed. The sun all too often a distant friend was bullishly sending out welcome rays of warmth. A Pied Wagtail was busily picking insects no doubt some for herself but the majority for her young brood.

Photo 06 - Visitor to the lochs with a nice Lowes Pike!

Coming from the Bowerhope side the welcome and instantly recognisable call of the male Cuckoo, first heard a couple of weeks ago once the breeding season is complete a flight to Africa is on the cards! In the loch margins, minnows abound many of whom will be on the menu for the larger residents in the loch.

Photo 07 - Another Lowes Pike falls to a visiting angler!

Overhead the frantic calls of agitated Gulls have little effect on the Osprey who is searching for a meal but when the chance came he was unsuccessful. The little migrant birds (I can never differentiate them) flutter from branch to branch picking off unsuspecting insects whilst a Robin keeps me under surveillance hoping for a morsel and I obliged by tossing him a piece of boiled ham which he speedily removed. The boathouse Song Thrush recites his call almost incessantly it is however very pleasing. Meanwhile, the cock Blackbird sings in the most tuneful way bringing calm to all those privileged to hear.

 Photo 08 - Gordon, Mike, Les, Andy, and Meg ready to launch the big boat!

Even lying in the sun with eyes closed the queen Bumble Bees suck life-giving nectar from newly opened buds fuelling her efforts to raise a welcome colony! Mike Wood and Gordon McClurg stop by for a blether and the world was once again sorted out! Later Davy Wilson and Katerina land on their way to The Gordon Arms and I was delighted to hear of their recent holiday in Poland. A quick photo shoot with the loch as a background completed their visit. Yes, Mother Nature is waking up!

Absolute bliss!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Champion in waiting!

Photo 01 - Barry with his splendid 4lbs Brown Trout

Champion in waiting!

We are just a matter of weeks into the season but it looks like we could have this year's heavy Trout winner! Yes, Barry Leslie, last Saturday caught a rippling Brown Trout of 4lbs exactly which was weighed and verified by fellow angler Stuart Grieve who himself got stuck into a Trout weighing just over a pound.

Photo 02-  Stuart with a very nice 1lbs Brownie.

So that puts Barry comfortably in the lead for the honours this season which of course include the added prizes of a fishing reel with three spare spools and the heavy Pike competition prize also includes the clockwork-like big pit reel and Barry leads that one as well with a scraper twenty! However, its all still to play for with months to go anything is possible! Well done Barry, is becoming a common phrase of late, it is however well deserved!

Photo 03 - Mike Wood with a midweek Trout around a pound.

New accommodation!

We heard this week from Adrian and Katie who reside in the White House across from the St Mary’s village hall. They have acquired the Half House through which runs the boundary of two adjoining estates and they are now offering potential guests the opportunity to stay in a most scenic location with what looks like a very high standard of self-catering accommodation. Click the link to go and have a look.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Some nice fish!

Photo 01 - A fine Pike Davy Forsyth

Some nice fish!

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been some very nice fish caught and the photos show that even in what historically is a lean spell fish do get caught! Photos show 04  shows intrepid angler Mike Wood with a very nice Brown Trout of around a pound which put up the customary struggle before coming to the net. Of course it goes without saying the fish was safely returned to the loch.

Photo 02 - fit as a fiddle Davy Forsyth

Next up is our lure ace Davy Forsyth with a couple of super Pike. It’s likely that the spawning event is underwaywhen Pike often show little interst in feeding but Davy’s persistence paid off with a cracking 14pounder and a fish of around 8 pounds. The big one looks as though she has yet to spawn. Note how Davy’s pooch stands guard over the fish! So very well done lads!

Photo 03 - Pot of gold at the end of this Davy Forsyth


Yet again I have been sent photos of a recently cut Birch tree which had been cut down recently by persons unknown. This recent event took place on the Bowerhope road close to the fork with one road heads up into the hills and the other to Bowerhope. Now the banking is very steep here making the carrying of the cut wood up the bank an arduous situation indeed.

Photo 04  -Mike Wood with a lovely Brown Trout

So taking the wood on to the road is unlikely and since the cut wood has gone we must conclude it was taken down the banking! No one has camped anywhere near where the tree was cut meaning the wood was taken further afield by means of walking or by boat!

Photo 05 - Part of the illicitly cut tree!

Now we have no evidence implicating anyone but visitors and members alike should consider the following – Any visitor found cutting trees will be barred from returning to the lochs, any member found cutting trees will have their membership terminated with immediate effect! We have a duty to the riparian owners to do all we can to prevent damage and we will do that! The lochs are an SSSI and the habitat must be maintained!

Cutting down trees is highly irresponsible and is in fact theft! To the perpetrators I would say read the words above in bold type carefully and do not test our resolve, there is no mitigation for these acts of vandalism, action will be immediate!

This is the type of incident that we envisaged working with the new warden to quickly detect the miscreants. However, there has been no contact with the warden or those who direct his actions! It has turned out to be a complete shambles and the time is fast approaching when I will wash my hands of the complete fiasco!

 The wider world in my view!

A bunch of losers!

We are the laughing stock of the world, what a comedown from the “glory” days of empire! The latest shameful episode, the Windrush affair points to both the Maybot and Amber Dudd exposed as mere charlatans. One blunder after another, lie upon lie sees them both apologising repeatedly but not from the heart simply empty words with no meaning! Both the Maybot and Dudd have subjected these immigrants to cruel life destroying measures! No amount of compensation can relieve their suffering, their lives have changed for the worse. Families broken up, a lifetime of living in this country abruptly ended by these twerps! If the Maybot and Dudd had any sense of propriety they would resign without hesitation! Honour, however, is an alien concept to Tories!

On the Brexit front, it seems we are again embarrassed as the diddys “negotiating” on our behalf plough over the same ground time and time again rehashing words and phrases from over a year ago! And it took them forever and great cost was incurred only to have the Irish border proposal rejected as soon as it landed in Brussels! It is little wonder the EU is taken aback by the breathtaking ineptitude of our negotiators!

You have to ask yourselves if it is possible to do any worse that the bumbling fools we have as our negotiators! They learn nothing, achieve nothing and come home happy with the crumbs from the EU table. It seems their incompetence knows no bounds! Its like a fantasy adventure where absolutely everything goes badly wrong! These Tories are going to do for us good and proper!

They are cruel and heartless (think Esther McVile) stupid and confused (think David Davies) arrogant and incompetent to the nth degree (think the Maybot and Dudd) bewildered and unrealistic (think Liam Fox) and clueless and cringe-worthy (think Boris Johnston)! No country deserves such a shambolic crew but we are lumbered with them! To think the 12 Tory duds in Scotland are what got them elected, we as Scots have some soul searching to do!

Countries do make mistakes but war events aside, the 12 constituencies that elected a Tory have much to answer for and yes to my eternal shame, I live in such an area. I doubt I will ever get over this black time where we see the poor hammered at every opportunity and the rich loaded with even more wealth! All people want is a competent government capable of speaking the truth with the resolve to rid the country of massive inequality, the last eight years would suggest that this is not possible! They say we are an equal civilised society, with the country being led by incompetents, liars and fools I would most strongly beg to differ!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Lure fishing competition.

Lure fishing competition.

In conjunction with the Fishermann (not a mis-spelling) angling club, we are pleased to furnish details of their upcoming competition which we are hosting on both our lochs on the 27th May. The base will be the green of the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Payment instructions are below as is the timetable for the day, more information will be provided in due course.

Please direct any queries to the Fishermann angling club and not St Mary's Angling Club. Follow the link to see the promotional video for the competition. 

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Offers continue to pour out from Mike in Penicuik and this week have a look at the foldaway drogue for anglers afloat. This piece of kit will slow the drift allowing you to better present your offering.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

That time of year!

Photo 01 - Frogs are appearing at the village hall.

That time of year!

The last couple of weeks has given little in terms of the Pike fishing and a likely explanation came from two of our members Davy Forsyth and Stuart Grieve.  They were lure fishing from the boat on the Lowes and they noted several Pike some very nice ones thrashing and rolling next to the reed beds where the Pike typically spawn.

So we can take it that the event has started or even well underway and that the next generation of Pike is being created! So if you were lacking a bite yesterday therein probably lies the answer. Now the spawning does not take place over one day but can be spread over a couple of weeks. Typically however what often follows the event is a feeding frenzy! Let the good times roll!

Just wrong!

Over the years we have had many instances of anglers phoning up to book boats and then not turning up and giving no indication that they are not coming!  This selfish behaviour whilst painless for the perpetrators causes chaos for us as a club. Its a rare occasion when we have all the boats booked and have to decline some bookings because of this but that's what happened yesterday!

Yes, we had to turn anglers away because all the boats were booked. In fact, there was a Lomond lying motionless because the people booking it didn’t bother to turn up! This, of course, meant that the anglers seeking a boat who we had to decline could have had their day out on the loch!!

 We will need to have a think regarding a deposit scheme whereby on booking a boat a deposit of say £10.00 would be required for that booking. Its just such a shame that decent anglers were denied a day out because some Muppets couldn’t be bothered to give us a call!

Member update!

A quick committee meeting took place yesterday and it has been decided that members are to have free use of our electric engines. You will have to bring your own batteries as we do not have any. We thought about installing a solar charging system for batteries but the feeling was that the solar panel on the roof would be too much of a target for vandalism or theft. If you wish to make use of this facility just call 07980350031. One of our petrol engines has again been damaged and is currently under repair once this has been carried out our petrol engines will be available under the same arrangements.

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The wider world in my view!
Another wrong move!
It's not as if it is a first for the rabble that calls itself our government they have bungled their way through matters since 2010. One of the most serious was the recent air strike against supposed targets in Syria! The people of this country require that before matters of a most serious nature should follow the convention of allowing parliament to debate and vote on any action taken!

The Tories track record throughout the term in office could at best be described as abysmal with embarrassing gaffes and U-turns everywhere. How then could we allow the Maybot and her naive cabinet to throw us into a hostile situation and worse on the instructions from that American ace bungler Donald Trump!  The rights and wrongs of a bombing campaign will continue to be debated for a long time.

Where is the irrefutable truth that such an attack took place, we should not be as naive as to discount a set up for the allies to achieve their aim! Why was the UN not allowed in to establish the facts? Can bombing ever be the answer to a problem? These questions remain unanswered!

The fallout will now take place and whilst the bombers took exceptional steps like advance warning of a strike to avoid impinging on Russian or Iranian territory there will be some form of consequences for the west! Why is this government allowing itself to become America’s handmaiden? Granted they are completely clueless and likely incapable of working with autonomy!

The fool who is supposed to be our foreign secretary has stated that the strike is limited and will not pull the UK into further action. What he does not seem to appreciate is that the matter is out of their hands! Trump or Putin will decide what happens next!

This is a very serious situation with the two world powers on opposite sides; it would simply take one false move to spark conflict on a scale that most will dread! The Maybot yet again proved that she is a puppet with no ability to work independently. Seventy-three percent of the public is against an incompetent administration endangering the country demanding parliament be consulted before military action takes place!

As a country, we must be content that those who govern do so in a righteous manner and not led by other fools who are incapable of visualising the aftermath! This whole issue could have been tackled by political means. The fools that comprise our government have got it wrong yet again!