Sunday, 18 March 2018

Beyond our control!

Photo 01 - One of Stevie's shots from yesterday!

Beyond our control!

They say there’s nowt as queer as folk, and of course, it is a true saying as indeed we have found out recently. However pushing the above saying is our ever-changing weather, the last few weeks bearing testament to that. As far as I am aware no one managed out on opening day but yesterday (Saturday) saw Stevie Nimmo venturing out to have an early season bash at the Brown Trout.

It was cold with the wind chill estimated by Stevie to be minus eight or nine which is bitterly cold. Add in a bit of driving snow and you have a horror of a day. Casting became problematic after two or three casts when the wet line simply froze on the rings obviously nothing was seen to be rising but in the event, it didn’t really matter. Stevie persevered for around an hour but it soon became clear watching Scotland in the rugby might be the better option and although they scraped a win it was a desperate showing from the Scots!
There are many things we can control and equally as many things we cannot. The weather clearly is one we cannot!

Photo 02 - A chilling view of the loch from Stevie Nimmo!

The warden!

No, it’s not Trollope’s novel of the life and times of clerics in the fictional town of Barchester, rather the appointment of a warden for the St Mary’s Loch area. We have been advised that a Mr Chris Amy has been appointed to the role. There is also an invitation to us to attend a meeting to meet Mr Amy at St Mary’s Hall on Friday evening at 18.00hrs.

Unfortunately, the short notice and work commitment mean that I cannot attend but I have extended an invitation to Mr Amy and any members of the community council who would wish to attend to meet in the club boathouse or indeed any other location on any Saturday that is suitable, any members of the club committee are also welcome to attend. Of course, this appointment makes no difference to our CCTV camera, it is up and running and will survey the area in the coming year.

Photo 03 - Certainly not the height of summer!

From our recommended dealer!

This week we see some great deals from Mike including a bumper load of new fly patterns and some great deals on clothing.

The wider world in my view!

Be very worried!

The recent poisoning of two Russians and a police officer in Salisbury is a wakeup call to us all! There are a few countries in the world that quite clearly do as they please irrespective of the laws of that country and Russia is clearly in that category. Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence that Russia is behind the attempted assassination.

However, numerous pointers suggest that either directly or indirectly Russia is to blame I would happily go along with this train of thought! `The problem is how this country makes their outrage known in practical terms. The expulsion of diplomats, whilst a standard response, will have no effect on the Russian state. They have of course expelled a similar amount of British diplomats!

That leaves the question of what comes next. This is where things become rather more serious. The current government comprise a collection of fools and serial bunglers and we must remember we are dealing with the foremost or second most powerful nuclear state in the world! Some Tory politicians are keen to stress the fact that Britain is a nuclear power and indeed it is but its a lowly second division one! Britain has enough nuclear weapons to start a war, but it will fall to Russia or the USA to finish it!
The worldwide renowned fool Boris Johnston has previously suggested that a cyber strike could be carried out against Russia but this is a step too far! This fool should be aware that President Putin is a very unpredictable character and a response may be prompted that is out of proportion as in the use of a massive cyber attack in the UK!

This is a highly volatile situation and the UK must act very carefully. By all means, move more UN troops to the Russian border this will not threaten the regime! Financial sanctions are an option but wealthy Russians in this country provide the Tory party with much funding which they will be reluctant to lose!  Similarly with the World Cup Putin could care less if FA top officials or the royal family attend, certainly football fans won't bat an eyelid because they are absent!!

What a shame then, that at a time of heightened tensions we have a rabble for a government. One wrong move could have catastrophic consequences! We need strong leadership and we have the weakest most useless Prime Minister in history with the Maybot! Perhaps the words to Russia from our clot of a defence minister and Prime Minister hopeful, Gavin Williamson who stated Russia should “Go away and shut up!” a statement you would usually associate with an immature schoolboy! Yes, most definitely this is a time to be very worried!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Opening day 2018!

Opening day 2018!

On Thursday the lochs open for anglers seeking to catch the wily Brown Trout. There are always a few diehards who venture out on opening day and this year the weather forecast looks to be reasonably good with temperatures of around five degrees light breeze and drizzle. 

Now we have often been asked why on Brown Trout issues we tend to veer towards the fly as opposed to baiting or spinning. Well, the club was formed way back in 1933 as a fly fishing club coupled with stocking Trout to maintain the level of the sport. It is the historical legacy and nothing more. There is just as much skill in properly fishing the lure or bait!

We welcome anglers who prefer to fish with bait or spin and we appreciate the variety of methods used. Using either of these options is not the easy cop out that some might imply! I have witnessed many anglers coming off a boat having spent the whole day giving their best only to have an empty creel! Whatever your poison get out and give it a go!

Memberships now closing!
Unfortunately the “Beast from the East” caused some havoc with our membership renewals. Renewals delayed in the post and a number of one to one renewals up at the loch rubbed out by the atrocious weather. So if you have a renewal sitting at home you need to get it to me as soon as possible! Those who have made arrangements to renew should not worry but if you have not made contact before Saturday will automatically become lapsed members!

Multiple deaths!

Speaking with Alastair and Eleanor yesterday they told me of multiple causalities amongst the Oystercatcher population. They were scattered all along the shoreline and whilst there are causalities every year numbers this year have been high. The cause, undoubtedly the exceptionally heavy snowfall, making getting down to the grass in search of food almost impossible. Nothing could have been done it’s just what Mother Natures throws up every now and then!

Sunday, 4 March 2018



I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anybody but the lochs are unreachable for anglers unless you have a penchant for potential catastrophe! The Selkirk road is probably passable with care today, but there are many areas where six-foot drifts traverse the road and most importantly can reform a few hours after being cleared possibly leaving you stranded!

On the banks, huge drifts are present making safe travel impossible as the landscape looks the same covering deep holes and ridges appearing level. Erecting a bivvy would be problematic if not due to the snow to the rapidly rising loch level sure to come from forecast rainfall and snowsmelt. When the wind does blow blizzard conditions ensue making travel severely unpleasant. With rain forecast the snow situation should resolve quickly through the week but if you intend travelling give us a call first.

We have this week loaned out our heavier generator in case of power failure, we still have a smooth running 3kw generator which we will make available to anyone requesting it. Simply call us or if you see Jenny flag her down and she will arrange for you to pick it up.

A few members had made arrangements to renew memberships on Saturday but due to the inclement weather, this has not been possible. Do not worry about your membership we will arrange things once the roads are passable. All renewals sent this week are now in the post so should be with you soon.

Sunday, 25 February 2018



Renewals of memberships continue with trickles coming in through the week. There is still time as we have allowed the process to continue until the end of the first week of March. However, if you cannot renew until the first week in March you must let us know or you will be considered to be a lapsed member and will fall into the waiting list of people wishing to join.

So far we have confirmation of two members not wishing to renew but we have not received their keys! It may well be that we again have to change the locks in the interests of security at a significant cost to the club. A meeting will be arranged where this topic and the prospect of allowing our members or (members who have attended work parties) use our 4 stroke engines at a nominal cost. Those wishing to join the club should get in touch this week as it is clear there will be some spaces. Gordon, Mike and Frank your memberships will be sent out tomorrow.

In recognition of the good service given to the club by Jenny, the AGM instructed that we should give her a small appreciation of our thanks. Yesterday we gave her a £40.00 bonus just to say thanks for her efforts. What a pleasant change from having to chase Mr Xxxxx all over the loch to get an altogether poorer service!

Jenny has reported that in a couple of areas large amounts of unburnt wood/coal and ash are being left in a big heap where fires have been set. If you have a fire allow time to disperse cold ashes to prevent such a build up it makes the area look really grubby!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

AGM 2018/19

I couldn't make it yesterday as this accursed Australian flu lines up for yet another week of torment! Club treasurer Elliot Fraser also failed to get through finding snow blocking the way at Talla.
As usual, the lads took a sensible course and the points to be implemented will be. One point we should consider is whether to allow the engines to be given out to members only if they have attended a work party. It is only correct that those who have carried out work for the club should be afforded some extras compared to those members who do nothing!

St Mary’s Angling Club
2. RICHARD Plisga
(1) The future use of the two clubs 4 stroke engines.
Happy with the current situation with the 2 off engines. Agreed that the fee of £5.00 for hire of these motors to members good idea. Would cover the cost of petrol and maintenance?
(2) The makeup of our fleet of boats.  Happy to keep current status quo with the amount and type of boats. 2 of Arrans and 2 of Lomond’s.  An extra boat would incur extra maintenance.
(3) Finances. Elliot made a valiant attempt to attend the meeting but would be unable to arrive at the on time. Discussed over the phone the balance and state of accounts with Elliot. This was passed on to members who attended the meeting. It was agreed that we could spend some monies on 2xxl life jackets(100kg). Have plenty of the smaller sizes but seem to short of the extra-large sizes. Also, could invest in new oars for boats where required.
(4) Our charity donation of £50.00. Agreed to keep paying the £50.00 donation to the St. Marys Hall fund as many members use the village hall car park when fishing Village Hall bay. Would not like to fall out with the community and be banned from parking in the car park.
(5) Our annual salmon fishing competition. Richard in communication with the Majors wife about the shambles with the salmon fishing prize. Depending on the result of these negotiations it was decided if negotiations favourable keep with the current situation and compensate previous winners and guest with days fishing on the upper pavilion beat as promised. If negotiations fail to offer a days fishing on tweed or Ettrick beats which the club could afford as compensation.
(6) Silverware. Agreed to keep the current competitions as is. More competitions would occur extra work for the committee. Heavy trout suggest prize to suit winner. If on the fly. Fly fishing equipment. If spinning, spinning equipment. Again, with the heavy pike fishing competition prize equipment to suit the type of fishing.
Discussed annual open trout competition. Decided to keep the current rules. May allow spinning if weather poor for fly fishing. Heavy winds. Some members not happy fly fishing in heavy winds. Would be agreed on the day. If the days fishing on upper pavilion was not a prize it was suggested that the attendance would drop and the club would make a loss on the competition at current arrangements with Tibbie and Café. Would have wait on the outcome with negations with Majors wife.
(7) Election of office bearers.  All existing office bearers were re-elected.
(8) AOCB
Some concern was raised about the security of the front doors to the boathouse as many members were storing fishing items in the boathouse AT THEIR OWN RISK. Would look at possibility of installing a cover over the padlock to make it harder to gain access to break
Also, if members are storing fishing items could they be stored out of sight as many thieves are opportunists. Could make an area to store items out of sight from outside thru windows.
When discussing damage to boats, the dredging of the boathouse bay was raised.  Left-hand side very shallow. Again, the committee could look at this option.
Frank Gillespie raised point that he has no internet. Had enjoyed working on work days and like to be contacted by text if any more work days were happening.

6 members paid their annual subscription.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Back soon!

Unfortunately, due to illness (flu and complications), it has not been possible to publish a news page this week.Hopefully be back next week. Remember Club AGM next Saturday 12noon at the Tibbie Shiels Inn All renewals currently with me have been processed and are in the post.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

A quiet start!

Photo 01- Lovely fish, at 9lbs 3oz compare her with the photo below!

Photo 02 - Is she one and the same from yesterday?

A quiet start!

Winter for us is always a quiet time as the good weather anglers stay at home. The types of angler we see are the hardnosed Pike anglers oblivious to weather conditions. These anglers are keen committed anglers and hugely respectful of our rules and never give us cause for complaint! We have averaged the huge number of 6 anglers per week and whilst typical of the time of year is a very low number.

This number, however, does not cause us concern we are structured to cope with lightly fished winters and busier summers. Putting this in context however in the summer we rarely average more than 20 anglers per week so there is never a problem in seeking areas to fish in peace!  These quiet statistics give our fish stocks ample room to grow and develop unhindered by being repeatedly hooked and unhooked as happens in many "plastic" Pike ponds!

The wee fish in photo 01 is I am sure the same fish I caught around a month ago at the Bay of Plenty but she now weighs 9lbs 3oz as opposed to 8lbs 3oz four weeks ago on the same set of digital scales. If she is the same fish then she is obviously in the peak of health feeding well and further developing her cache of eggs.She pulled line like a good un and gave my reel a good workout! In a loch which is overfished this would not be the case, she would instead be more emaciated and less keen to feed! Being quiet on the fishing front is not a cause for concern, it is, in fact, a boon to our population of fish!

Photo 03 - Only a wee drop of snow yesterday!


Applications are trickling in which is good as processing will not start until Monday. Members should be aware that the current issue cards are valid until the end of February. So no need to panic there is plenty of time. As I have stated processing will begin on Monday so those with renewals in can expect their cards towards the end of the week.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that my group of disabled workers were looking for any old bikes or parts for our recycling project. Well, we have received 2 bikes (an 80s quality Falcon racer with a Mixte frame and a mountain bike) three wheels and a handlebar complete with gear changers and brake levers. The project is ongoing so if you come across any more give me a call on 07980350031.

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike has some great offers including a Greys QRX fly reel starting at only £99.99 with  Airflo sightfree line and Airflo eco fly box click the link to see more

The wider world in my view!

A great policy!

The Labour party every now and then comes up with a fantastic policy and one such appeared this week. It is in response to the lack of ground available for house building at a reasonable price. Landowners who own suitable ground for house building will have that land purchased (compulsorily) by the government at the current rate for agricultural land as opposed the hugely inflated market price we see every day!   
So the landowner gets a reasonable price and that land may be used for housing. Home ownership has been on a rapid downward spiral since 2010 and this move will lessen the price of these houses. Couple this with the mass nationalisation of essential industry and utilities and we have a sound basis for the equitable society so many of us call for! Let's see more land being taken from those who "own" thousands of acres! Happy days are coming!

Massive beef about a ham!

Well as far as letdowns go the Chinese trade visit was a spectacular one! Theresa Mayhem heading off to China with a load of supposed businesses looking to further increase trade with the worlds second economy which by the end of the year will be in number one position. As usual, the Maybot was in a servile mode with the Chinese holding all the cards!

It turns out the delegation was comprised of university departments, public companies other non-descript groups and only 15% of the delegation was made up by private companies! If you remove the flannel we can see what actually transpired in terms of solid business generated! The Maybot couldn’t wait to spew the £9billion figure to anyone who would listen! 

Now, £9billion in trade with China is pretty much small beer, heck, even Lord Snooty came back with over £40billion worth of deals! The reality of the Maybot’s figure of £9billion has to be questioned as no details have been released! The jolly trip secured nothing more than cheap words, in fact, a wish list for the Maybot!

Great play was made out the possible acceptance of UK beef by China after it was banned following the BSE shambles! The actual deal is simply starting talks with China over the possibility of accepting British beef! The Chinese supremo was quick to add in that China is self-sufficient in agriculture, again a song and dance about nothing

As a trade mission, it was a disaster! You might have thought the ham that is the Maybot might have expressed some discontent about the amount of plastic polluting Chinese rivers as they are currently the most polluted in the world. This weak leader rather than directly taking them to task simply gave them a copy of “The Blue Planet! And said nothing!

Similarly with human rights which is currently not in the Chinese dictionary was never mentioned! Our business with China has been on the increase for years and whilst it is not possible to say that nothing was achieved we will also not see any massive rises in our exports to the country!

If this Brexit mess were not such a serious one for the country it could be turned into a fantastic tragic-comedy!  Anna Soubry, one of the few sensible Tories pleaded with the Maybot for a clue as to what her end goal was but was fobbed off with the usual robotic response that “we are leaving the EU and the Customs Union.” Soubry also apologised to the EU negotiating team for all the “nonsense” they have had to put up with!

The situation is now critical with businesses looking for a clue as to where their future lies. The bottom line is that the Maybot hasn’t got a clue she makes it up as she goes along! The whole country is screaming out to know where we are headed and there is a different answer depending on who responds.

Tenacity is a virtue to be applauded when employed appropriately, the Maybot, however, doesn’t seem to know when to cease and desist! In normal times she would have been ousted long ago, but they know to topple her would likely lead to a general election which they would lose! So they allow her to stay and to hell with the ensuing consequences for the country!

In Scotland the Borg Queen Ruth Davidson is watching her army of spineless Tories crumble all around her as the latest You Gov poll shows them losing 7 seats to the SNP! The Scottish voters are finally coming to their senses and not before time! Of course, I can’t predict what will signify the end of the Maybot’s reign but for the sake of compassion and decency, it needs to happen quickly!

To allow the country to be mismanaged in the most incompetent and haphazard manner is nothing short of a crime! The woman has now become an international embarrassment, with the result that the world views the UK as an island of fools!  When “negotiating” with Angela Merkel she was asked 3 times what the UK wanted out of an EU deal, the Maybot replied, “make me an offer”! The Maybot seemed to have forgotten it is the UK that is leaving and looking for a deal!

Of course, the German press was in fits at the absurdity of the Maybot’s tactics and again the reputation of the Maybot and the country took a nosedive! The Tories need to realise that to limit damage she needs to go now. In this case, any means would be deemed fair so great is the potential for further damage!

This woman is a major disaster with no leadership skills, no vision for the future and no clue as to how to run a government! Get her out!