Sunday, 12 November 2017

Countryside code!

Photo 01 A night time 15 pounder caught by Stuart Grieve.
Countryside code!

It really beggars belief that I find myself having to write about something that should be second nature to anyone who enjoys an outdoor pursuit. Our bodily functions operate irrespective of what one is doing and given that occasionally we find ourselves getting caught short. The countryside code gives sound advice on what to do.

But what can we do if we need to empty our bowels and no toilet is nearby? What you do not do is make a deposit close to a well-worn walking path and leave the area with your deposit in open ground and toilet paper strewn all over! If that course of action is taken you can bet your bottom dollar that the mess will invariably be found by a local resident walking the dog and a complaint will be forthcoming upon which we will be bound to act!

What should be done is having come equipped with a trowel or similar tool, found a well-hidden place away from any walkways and dig out a small hole, with the deposit in the hole it could then be filled in and tamped down and no one is any wiser! I knew this from an early age and have various implements in my bag that double as digging tools as most anglers do!

If you are an angler and the above was alien to you might I suggest you read a copy of the countryside code and our club rules. We have as users of the countryside a duty not to damage the environment and make that countryside the best it can be! We would take a very dim view of any members not so doing!

Photo 02 - Before refurbishment, rusty old trike.

Don’t throw it away!

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to retire early, I have not though given up work altogether. I work 2-3 days per week as a volunteer trainer facilitator with people who have learning disabilities. We are a registered charity and look after the grounds where we are based and do outside garden work for those for whatever reason cannot do so themselves. Most of our squad of men and women are on the autistic spectrum or have a congenital learning difficulty.

We have recently established a new sphere of operation in that we rescue old bicycles refurbish them by means of mechanical rectification and or cosmetic renovation. The refurbished bikes are then sold cheaply to allow people who could not afford a new bike the chance to own a mechanically sorted and cosmetically acceptable bike.

Photo 03 - After a respray and mechanical fettling, it sold the next day!

Out of the small profit, we make we pay members of the group a small training allowance which affords them some spare cash and the dignity of working to help others. The newfound purpose experienced by the group members leads to increased confidence and self-esteem and prepares them for a work environment. If you have a bicycle in any condition that you do not use you can donate it to our charity by getting in touch at

Welcome news!

We heard last week that Mr. Xxxxx is moving out and heading to Selkirk. I am sure that all members of the club wish him well and hope he has learned from his many mistakes! We have pasted his photo into our records book so that future loch keepers will recognise him and send him packing if he ever tries to come and fish!

The wider world in my view!

Lest we forget!

Today is Remembrance Sunday, a time when we remember the sacrifice made by members of the armed forces and civilians in the two World Wars and more recent conflicts. They gave their lives in order that the lives of you and me could be conducted in freedom and safety. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Only eight more needed!

It’s been another disastrous week for Theresa Mayhem with ministers resigning and good old Boris making a proper dick of himself condemning that poor woman in Iran to what will be another 5 years in an Iranian prison! The imbecile didn’t even have it in him to offer an apology for his monumental cock-up! Of course, this bumbling idiot played straight into the hands of the Iranians who now have “proof” of what they say were the woman’s intentions.

Yes, the fool above who gets nearer every day to being sacked as the pressure mounts would already be out on his ear if we had a Prime Minister able to exert any authority! I am at a loss to understand how the public can put up with this charlatan! The Maybot is in office but not in power! Priti Patel another hardliner blue nose decided to invoke her own version of foreign policy by arranging meetings (12!!) with various bigwigs in the Israeli government including the Prime Minister and wait for it, all on a family holiday!

Under any other regime, such actions would have led to an immediate sacking but again the weak Maybot could only slap her wrists for fear of causing an uprising which would topple her out of office! Patel’s replacement Penny Mordaunt is another chump, forgetting the massive belly flop on prime TV, she was the one warning Turkey would be joining the EU and that the UK would be incorporated into an EU army! Worst of all, however, she posed like an uninformed fool in front of the infamous Vote Leave bus promising an extra £350million for the NHS every week! 

With still more revelations to surface on the sexual harassment front, Theresa Mayhem’s odds of lasting until Christmas have been slashed to 6-4. It’s like a crap episode in a B rated soap opera! It has been reported yesterday that 40 MPs have now signed a letter expressing no confidence in Theresa Mayhem only 8 short of the figure required to oust her!

But it’s not the above that instills worry in the general public, it is the intractable bunging on such a regular basis it has become the norm! The EU stated this week they are waiting for the government to collapse and really that says it all! This government is impotent capable of doing nothing at all of any importance. Indeed the lofty statements keep on coming but that’s all we get! We have drifted from being a respected country to a rabble capable only of blundering! Our credibility sinks each time they make a pronouncement, the EU briefing statements make me cringe as they look at us with incredulity at how disorganised our negotiators are. Probably the most crucial time in our history since World War 2 and we are stuck with a bunch of incompetent dummies!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The heavy Pike cup!

Photo 01 - A cold winters day!

The heavy Pike cup!

Tuesday passed with no last-minute pleas for a heavy Pike to be considered for the 2016/7 competition. This, of course, led to Davy Forsyth being crowned as the winner! Now Davy has led the competition from the start, his 21lbs 8oz fish whilst being attacked by a good few heavy doubles snapping at his heels over the year remained untouchable!

So Davy takes the honour and the cup and of course free membership of the club for the coming year! Davy is not a man given to bragging like the local angling bully, he, for the most part, keeps his angling memories close to his chest. This most welcome trait in an angler is evidence that like old Izaak he appreciates the wonders that are available to the thinking angler!

Freely passing on his considerable knowledge to newer anglers and giving items of tackle to others is a trait confined to real anglers! Always there if there is some work to be carried out to propel the club forward and always ready to give a few tips to those not having such a good time. Probably the archetype of what we would call a great club member and as you have read in the past we have an increasing number of them. You will find him on the loch in all weathers he puts in the time and reaps the rewards by trying new techniques in new areas.

Once we catch up with Davy we will present him with his trophy and hopefully get a wee photo. Well done Davy you thoroughly deserve the accolade!

The wider world in my view!

Potential gloom!

Sometimes you stop and think what a wonderful world. But looking at recent events over the last ten years I bet that thought was the furthest from your mind! We are a relatively rich country and yet the number of people we have in abject poverty continues to rise. We see our public services brought to their knees by throttling of the money given to them by our central government!

Yes, indeed the culprits presiding over our rapid decline are the Tories! The last government led by Lord Snooty and minister without a clue Gideon Osborne sowed the seeds and plunged us into a horrific mess and one from which we are unlikely to recover! Lord Snooty fearing to lose a raft of votes to UKIP initiated the process to allow a referendum to be held on our membership of the European Union and from that point onwards there has been a rapid decline in our standard of living!

When Snooty realised what he had done he abandoned ship leaving the way open for the bewildered Diddy’s we now have! Theresa Mayhem has lived up to her name causing complete and utter mayhem in our lives with her clueless ministrations! We are the laughing stock of Europe as we bungle our way through the Brexit negotiations with the total achievement to date of gaining nothing whatsoever!

We have in the Maybot probably the weakest leader ever, clinging on to her office and being pushed and pulled by the warring factions of her party. Yes, this band of idiots, fools, jesters and now sexual perverts are in open warfare with the casualties being the general public as they pay scant attention to trying to run the country!

The 58 “secret” study’s that the Tories tried to keep under wraps will soon be made clear to us all and believe me they will paint a frightening picture of our future or lack of in life outside the EU! Instead of being frank and open with the public they seem content to lead us into what will be one of the darkest times in our history!
The Brexit negotiations started badly, they are currently going very badly and they will end extremely badly! The EU side must think we are a nation of ninny’s, what is taking place is not a negotiation it’s a rout for the EU side! If we get anything at all from the EU it will be because they gave it to us it will not be because we negotiated it!

Just how this government is completely without a clue is not 100% clear for as individuals there are some pretty clever people among them. This government is about cock-ups, U-turns, and unfathomable downright blunders. They seem to be unable to accomplish anything no matter how straightforward the task. On every conceivable front we are in the mire, be it social care, health, education or any other topic you care to mention Brexit, of course, is the star of the show, an absolutely monumental blunder that if progressed will cost us dear!

Their time is thankfully now limited with the sex scandal being the final nail in their coffin. The interminable bungling by this administration will be recorded in history; their actions are on the point of being incomprehensible! In amongst all the blundering, our social structure is being systematically dismantled by the time they are ousted there will be left only a ruin! The next administration will have a mammoth job trying to repair the damage done by the Tories.

Unless the country gets rid of these Tories and Brexit is reversed then the next ten years will make the great depression look like a walk in the park!

Sunday, 29 October 2017


Photo 01 - No boats allowed out yesterday much too wild!


Unfortunately, this is the time of year that sees the businesses in the area close for their winter breaks and from today you will only be able to purchase a permit to fish from our loch keeper on the banks of the loch. Now, this is and always has been our preferred way of purchasing permits as it allows us to give our loch keeper some recompense for the help she has given us over the year and makes life easier for the traveling angler not having to go and find an establishment where permits may be obtained!

You should also note that there is nowhere nearby where you may buy fishing bait and tackle the nearest place being Fishers in Penicuick and Libby’s pet shop in Hawick. For food petrol and provisions you are looking at an eighteen-mile journey to Selkirk or Moffat. So remember you will not be able to buy a permit from the Glen Cafe you must get them from our loch keeper by phoning 07980350031 before you arrive!

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike at Fishers is offering a cracking deal for the fly fishers among us looking to upgrade their casting sticks. Up for grabs is a fly rod from the house of Hardy. The Hardy Shadow Sintrix is available from 8ft 6in suitable for a four weight line right up to a loch busting 11ft rod handling a seven line. You will find this rod to be keenly priced so click the link and check it out!

The wider world in my view!

Painful reading!

We the “descamisados” are normally satiated and correctly informed by reading our popular daily papers such as the Daily Mirror or the Daily Record for they provide news accurately reported on a wide variety of subjects as well as some lighter news reporting. For a left-wing perspective you really can’t do better than The Morning Star and if you looking for more in-depth coverage on subjects the Manchester Guardian or the Independent will accommodate the majority of readers.

There are a few publications however you would be wise to avoid and these are the Daily Mail and the Daily Express! I have not even included the Sun in this treatise as it doesn’t even make it as a newspaper though it has a use as a poor quality mopping up pad! The Observer, Times etc have no relevance to working class people suitable only for ultra-rich capitalists who have no longing for fairness or equity, compared to the rags above however they take a much less biased view!

The two papers I have singled out are probably the worst, biased and vile publications! These are the publications of choice for the children of Butcher Thatcher in the land! Those who try and hide their working-class backgrounds thinking they are better than the ordinary man. Those who with their increased wages ill-gotten by trampling over their fellow workers who now dabble in stocks and shares and delight in polishing the new car bought on a lease arrangement on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

These rags offer nothing but biased reporting taking always the extreme right wing conservative viewpoint! If a story appears showing for instance how the country is turning against Brexit they won’t even publish preferring instead to conjure up a story that shows Brexit in a positive light (few and far between)!  The £350million lie about money that would be saved and reinvested in the NHS received scant coverage!
They are completely paranoid suspecting left-wing radicalism in every aspect of life. They are anti-working class seeking only to further the aims of the greed ridden children of Butcher Thatcher! They are anti-EU in the extreme seeking only a return to the days of the empire!

The bottom line with these rags is that you can’t trust a word they print everything is twisted to reflect their biased stance. The recent hullabaloo over the idiotic MP who sent a letter asking for the names of lecturers who taught business and political science was duly rounded on by the right thinking press!
Not so with the two above they absolutely supported the letter accusing universities of being infiltrated by extreme left-wingers who plotted against the Conservative establishment! So if you nip into the newsagents and the two papers above are the only ones left get a copy of the Beano, for it will have more true stories in it that that combined from the Express and the Mail!

Good News...!

On the front page of the Daily Express, one of the rags mentioned above The Prime Minister Theresa Mayhem outlines how she wants to see a significant step forward in the treatment of mental health problems. No new money has been allocated to this initiative! In effect, this is the same goal she announced at the beginning of the year and what has been achieved? Nothing, the Maybot is becoming a past master of talking a good job and doing precisely nothing.

It sounds just like the progress on Brexit which again is negligible! Yes, it’s just another lofty statement followed by a load of repetitive drivel we have all heard before! It’s not good news, it’s simply a big headline followed by a load of tripe! Probably all you can really expect from a weak Prime Minister clinging on for her political life!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Coming back!

Photo 01 - Steven with a lovely 17.5lbs Pike.

Coming back!

This year the Pike fishing has been exceptional for some and probably the reason for this is that the successful anglers have been embracing new methods, and new areas of the loch often ignored. Coming to the fore this last couple of years is the increasing number of anglers using lures. Now to the older angler lure fishing means throwing a 28 gram Toby or Koster as far as they can and retrieving at various speeds.

Modern lure anglers use the latest often American inspired jerk baits, surface poppers floating rats bats and whatever. A lot of these lures are quite large and often made in some really gaudy colours some with sound and some with lights and oil leakers making a smelly trail. Smaller powerful rods like the “Ugly Stik” are often used and we have seen an explosion in the numbers of these rods on the loch hope you are spending the commission wisely Davy!

Of course, it was Davy Forsyth who started this reinventing of lure fishing on the lochs and though you won't hear it from him he has bagged a large number of Pike with many heavies among them. In fact, Davy is leading the heavy Pike competition for members with a 21lbs 10oz specimen and the competition closes at the end of this month.

The lad in photo 01 Steven Jones had come down for a session with the Pike recently and along with his mate caught eighteen Pike between them. Steven ending up with thirteen and his mate five nice Pike. Between them, the bagged eight super doubles and Steven is pictured with the best of them at seventeen and a half pounds!
It turned out to be a fantastic day out and one that neither will forget! That’s how the loch snares you, these two lads when asked said that they would definitely be coming back!

A real feat!

Most all the anglers and certainly all our members are aware of the man-made reservoir up the hill, of course, it’s Megget! Ace angler, member, and a great friend of the club Mike Christie sent us the following link to a great video made during the construction of Megget reservoir. We actually had this link up on our site around eight years ago but it was a real treat to watch it again. You can only marvel at the immense task and how well it has turned out. Click the link and sit in awe!

The wider world in my view!

A Malfunctioning Maybot!

Last week things on the Brexit front were pretty bad this week things have gotten a whole lot worse! Like a discarded champagne cork Theresa Mayhem bobs between the remainers, the hard Brexiteers, the now completely baffled EU and an increasingly bewildered and confused British public! This week our Maybot has shown more faces than Big Ben ranging from glum to utter despair!

You wouldn’t let an animal suffer like this and one thing is for sure the executioner's axe will cleave her head in a short time! As a negotiator, she is wooden without the slightest clue of how to go about things. As a poker player, she is entirely predictable and will fold long before the crunch!

When 27 nations say things are not going so well and our Maybot seems to think things are progressing well the smart money moves to the 27! She was confident her “Florence speech” was going to move talks on to trade the result entirely predictable is that insufficient progress has been made!

The bottom line is that she along with her team of deadbeat duffers are incapable of gaining anything remotely usable for the nation, if any kind of deal comes about it will be nothing to do with our so-called negotiating team rather it will be crumbs from the table given by the 27! This is probably the biggest catastrophe facing the nation since WW2 and we are saddled with the most inept government ever!

Five months into the actual negotiations the Maybot proclaims that significant progress has been made and the actual progress is – well nothing! Not one item can be stroked off the list! The deep and special partnership she begged for on Thursday has materialised into nada! This lame duck has made no demonstrable progress whatsoever!

The main sticking point is the divorce bill everybody knows the £20billion falls well short of what must be paid with £50billion being nearer the mark. The problem for the Maybot is that once this figure is put on the table the substantial hard Brexit lot in her party will initiate the moves required to remove her plunging us into even more chaos!
It doesn’t really matter which direction she takes our weak and embattled leader will be overthrown there can be no doubt about that! The unfortunate effect for us will be a period of intense chaos as the Tory government fragments and prepares for a general election which they will lose!

Even with the highest level of bungling the Tories still managed to live up to their name of the “Nasty party”! Yes pressing on with the now increasingly hated universal credit scheme which is a good idea but is being implemented in the most shambolic way. Twenty-four percent of all claimants being forced to live with absolutely no financial benefits for up to eight weeks!

As if these fools have not shamed us enough they cap their time in power by making us look like a bunch of uncaring hard-hearted zealots! Public outrage at the Tories actions will do for them it will be the Maybot’s poll tax. Hell, they didn’t even turn up to the debate and vote being trounced 299 to nil! Look out for the mandatory U-turn in the next few days! There are so many weights around the Maybot’s neck it becomes quite difficult to predict which one will end their despicable rein!

The country has never been in such a mess our NHS is crumbling our public services are on their knees, vast infrastructure projects are being canceled yet these diddys can find £2billion to silence the DUP! Their outlook is wrong, their values are wrong, to put it simply they have not a clue as to what they are doing! Just a bunch of toffs cushioned by their bank balances filling up their days using the working classes as pawns in what they see as a game!

Do all you can to terminate the rein of these ogres we owe it to the increasing numbers of vulnerable and poor in our country! Remember No Brexit is better than no deal!

Sunday, 15 October 2017


Photo 01 - Nicely contained, but its still litter!


It’s a problem we encounter every year sometimes many times per year, the perennial problem of littering! Anglers come and fish then leave all their rubbish behind for someone else to clean up. The photo above shows the mess we encountered last Sunday behind the village hall.

The anglers had come with a plentiful supply of bait the polystyrene box suggesting they had bought bulk online. Inspecting the surrounding showed that the area was generally left tidy so why then did they leave the polystyrene box with half a dozen packets of mixed bait lying on the bank?

They may have thought they were doing the right thing by leaving all their rubbish contained in a single box for someone else to pick up. Of course, that is an erroneous view. The box could have been there for weeks and wildlife could have scattered the contents looking for an easy meal! I remember one of our anglers being woken up by an otter who was feasting on bait lying next to his rods!

There is no first or second tier when it comes to leaving litter you leave it or you don’t! Now to save embarrassment we have not released the names of the perpetrators, they are not from this area but they should be clear on one thing. You will not be allowed to return to St Mary’s loch for an angling session, your actions have been unacceptable! We will continually drive this message home – Leave litter and you will be barred from fishing on the loch!

Photo 02 - Barry shows his PB of 12lbs from the loch, well-done mate! Bet it was Davie that cut off the top of his head!

More boat woes!

Salmo Trutta one of our Arran’s seemed to be taking in water rather quickly when observed over the last few weeks. So last week Davy Stuart Jenny Stuart Sutherland Les and I pulled her out and turned her over which believe me is no small feat! A thorough inspection showed no obvious leaks until we noted two screw holes where the screws had obviously come out.

Clearly, water was entering here and the placement of a normally sized screw showed the hole had been reamed by the absent screw. We could, of course, fill the holes but we thought a better idea was to insert two oversized self-tapping screws which although taking some effort to insert were rock solid and not coming out without brute force! Not a huge job but still one that takes someone away from their days fishing! Work behind the scenes is ever present!

The wider world in my view!

An ever worsening shambles!

With the absolute shambles that is the Brexit process at least looking at the British tactics that are being employed, I am now convinced that the mandarins of our negotiating team Boris Johnston, Liam Fox, and David Davies are terminally bewildered and haven’t the slightest idea of what they should be doing! Looking at their game plan for they think it’s all a big game they are hopelessly outflanked by Barnier and Co at every turn!

This inept bunch of diddy's ignore rules, defy convention and simply close their eyes to anything that would worsen Britain’s relationship in comparison to our present situation! Quite clearly they have been caught on the hop, after all, they have had only 5 months to get things rolling and we are still on the starting blocks. Our standing in the world order has been damaged permanently. We are now seen as a nation of fools looking only to the past unable to meet the future and led by a weak fool!

No strategy, no vision no realistic aspirations just pure fantasy tinged with the I want attitude of a spoilt public schoolboy which is just what they are! The hopelessness generated by this lamentable administration is now filtering through to Joe Public. The latest You Gov poll shows clearly that the Brexit vote was a calamitous mistake! Yes, 47% would now vote to remain whilst only 42% would vote for Brexit!

Public demonstrations against the foolhardy direction taken by these Tory fools are now occurring every week as temperatures rise! People are now realising Brexit spells disaster! Its even becoming apparent to the brighter Tory MPs that Theresa Mayhem is leading us to complete and utter disaster heading for a no deal exit from the EU with devastating consequences for business and working people!

MPs from all parties are now joining together to prevent a no deal exit from the EU. Infighting in the Tory party increases and frankly implosion looks to be the only outcome! The good thing following this inevitable scenario is that this Brexit nonsense will be consigned to the waste bin and we can again focus on making this country better for poorer people whilst being members of the EU!

Lord Snooty has made it into the history books as the man who plunged the UK into the biggest existential crisis in history! Following on from his catastrophic blunder a severely misguided section of Scotland voted Tory in the recent election thereby sustaining this wretched government we now endure! Because of these events we now have the most shambolic government ever and every day they remain in power we pay a heavy price!

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Photo 01 - Stuart our heavy Brown Trout cup winner!

Yes the Brown Trout season of 2017 has come and gone! It was a particularly good season for the Brownies with a good few fish over the 3lbs mark. The biggest however fell to the rod of Stuart Sutherland who bagged a 6lbs beauty whilst fly fishing.

 When the season closed on the 6th of October no further claims were made which means Stuart takes the accolade of having caught the largest Trout of 2017 on the lochs! We will be getting the cup engraved and we will have a photo of Stuart receiving the cup presented by a club member. Of course he also wins free membership of the club for the coming 2018/19 season. Well done mate!

Photo 02- Martin just can't stop catching. A fine 15pound Pike.

Muppet detected!

Not for the first time this year we have “anglers” phoning up and asking to book a boat and then not turning up! When you book a boat that action means we have to refuse decent anglers who may turn up looking for a boat. It is or should be common courtesy to inform us if you cannot keep the commitment to allow us to hire that boat to another angler

Now the difficulty we have is that we do not know the people that are booking the boats but we have your phone number. So if a no show scenario develops we will mark your phone number as “Time wasting Muppet detected” and the call will not be answered. These people are an absolute waste of time and put others into extra work for nothing! If you book a boat and cannot come please do us the courtesy of letting us know or you won't be coming back!


Now our two engines by choice have not been out much but they were serviced at the beginning of the season by Elliot Fraser. One of our members came down to fish having properly booked his boat. However although his engine started without drama there was no drive to the propeller.

It seems wear on the housing that encapsulates the shear pin had become malformed and was no longer making the connection between the engine and the propeller.  He travels a good distance to come and fish with us so we offered him the Hidea engine. Well it started with minimal fuss and soon settled into a smooth idle! He enjoyed his days fishing caught some nice fish and our engine worked perfectly! Remember this was the engine so horrendously abused by Mr Xxxxx which he said was pouring white smoke and was terminal!

I would like to make our engines available to all club members booking through our loch keeper in the future. This will be a topic for discussion at our AGM in March 2018. In the meantime we will make our engines available for members who find themselves in a situation similar to the lad mentioned above. We look after our members!

The wider world in my view!

Incompetent is too weak a description!

The ongoing tragic-comedy farce being dished up to us daily by this crass Tory administration goes from dreadful to desperate! Youmight take the view that last weeks conference fiasco was not down to Theresa Mayhem but you would be wrong! Any sensible leader about to make the make or break speech would take every measure to ensure their voice was not stressed! Ms Mayhem apparently gave countless speeches/interviews on the Tuesday before.

Patrick McLaughlin the party chairman responsible for security allowed the comedian in to give Mayhem her P45 with his standoff inept organisation. Rumours are now rife that he will be sacked by Mayhem in an effort to reclaim her authority! The magnetic lettering that was supposed to send the Tories message out fell to pieces which just crowned what was utter chaos and the most shambolic party conference ever!

What is of more concern however is if you pick through her “speech” there was nothing of substance which will make life for the working classes better! It was the same old woolly promises which as usual will amount to nothing substantial just tinkering around the edges! Just keep an eye on her flagship policy on capping energy prices!

I cannot remember a more depressing time when we are led by directionless fools who U turn on a daily basis and seem only able to excel in the art of serial bungling! We have the weakest Prime Minister in history (Lord Snooty was the worst) who seems to be unable to stop the infighting from within, she is in office but not in power! The Tories are desperate to get rid of Mayhem but the pool of absolute diddy’s in the Tory party makes the choice of a successor a fruitless task!

At a time when we should have a firm and resolute government we have instead this apology of a government! They seem to think they are in the driving seat when it comes to Brexit there are 27 views to the contrary! It looks certain they will end up with no deal from the EU and this will have catastrophic consequences for everyone in this country!

Michael Green, sorry Grant Schapps had the right idea but his coup failed because he is a buffoon who is detested by most Tories! However the writing is on the wall for Theresa Mayhem her days are numbered! It is now highly likely that this inept administration will fall and a general election called. It will then fall to the misguided Scots who voted Tory in the election to wake up and make the right decision!

Lord Snooty living up to his reputation as the most incompetent Prime Minister ever caused this disastrous situation and then bowed out when things got hot. The Maybot content to plough us further into the mire! The banks have now said they will bail out by Christmas if no deal is achieved! Manufacturing industry hasn’t a clue as to what will happen. Between these sectors initial job losses are likely to be around 25000 with many more to come!

We had certainty now we have chaos! The only saving grace is that many of the Brexit voters are dying off being replaced by a more welcoming open minded and inclusive younger generation who could overturn the process. For all of our sakes I sincerely hope they do!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Twenty's plenty!

Photo 01 - John Garske with the biggest of 20 fish a lovely 14lbs Pike.

Twenty's plenty!

Over the years there have been numerous instances where anglers ask us if there are any Pike in the loch and our answer is the same every time. There are Pike in the loch and probably more than you would imagine! Because of the vast size of the loch it is possible that you could be a couple of miles away from the feeding fish!

There are a few options – Stay where you are for however long it takes. Fish mobile and go looking for the feeding fish. Just visit on your usual days and take whatever comes. We all make choices and our results will be dependant on those choices!

John Garske one of our members who obviously made the right choice. He had a friend over from Cyprus and they decided to spend a couple of days on our very under fished Loch o the Lowes. And what a couple of days they were! Photo 01 shows John with a braw fourteen pounder which was the best of twenty fish over the two days, yes that was twenty fish!.

Craig Hunters cracking 16lbs 10oz Pike.

The fish ranged from 3-7lbs and that total above does not include fish they lost or missed. John reports that his mate went back to Cyprus a very happy man indeed! All I can add is well done to both of you this will be one of those halcyon days!

Another man getting into the fish is long time member Craig Hunter. Craig sent in a photo of a 16lb 10oz Pike bristling with energy putting up a sterling fight before coming to the net! Yes there are occasions when as anglers we do wonder where the fish are but as in the past we are always brought back to reality by splendid captures.
Well done to the lads above real anglers indeed!

Closing down!

Its a true saying that time certainly does fly by, here we are at the end of yet another season that has just flashed before our eyes. Where does the time go? Those looking to get their hands on the clubs heavy Trout cup only have another few days in which to accomplish their task! Our Trout season runs until the 6th of October and at the end of that day its all over yet again!

The Trout to beat of course is Stuart Sutherland's 6lbs Brownie and it will take a massive effort and some help from Lady Luck to achieve this! But as we all know in fishing you can never say never! We will announce the winner next week in next week’s news page.

So what’s to do now for as long as the reasonable weather holds there is still an opportunity to get out and catch fish! The Salmon season on the Tweed has yet again been a disappointment! Catches are down and most of the fish being caught on the upper reaches of the Tweed are stale fish and they can be notoriously difficult to tempt!

There is of course the opportunity to go and fish for Grayling but for most that holds little appeal. No the only fish currently worth seeking is the Pike and we remain open 365 days a year for anglers seeking this species. Now is the time when the big females are multiplying the number of eggs they carry in preparation for the annual spawning event!

If you are looking to catch a specimen Pike then this is the time of year you need to be getting out. If you catch one of these egg heavy females as long as you are sensible she will take no hurt! Make sure you have all at the ready and return her to the loch as quickly as you can!

As always its a case of once more once less as our body clocks tick ever onwards! The year heads towards its end and the angler ponders on the past season and contemplates the one coming. Its a process that cannot be halted and sad though it is we must accept the way of the world. I hope each and every one of you makes it through the colder months and emerges full of the joys of spring to embrace the new season! For what’s been and for what comes – TIGHT LINES!

The wider world in my view!

Think again!

Bumbling Prime Minister Theresa Mayhem made her landmark Florence speech and as predicted amid all the warm words like our overseas friends and the deep and special relationship she wishes was exactly nothing! Oh there was much talk of the government's aspirations but no talk whatsoever of the detail as to how we were going to arrive at that point!

The incompetence of this current band of Tories is absolutely staggering! They have been given the framework for the talks something they signed up to and yet they still cannot keep on track! Its one blunder after another as they arrive at the point they were at fifteen months ago! It looks very much like we are going to crash out of Europe with no deal in place!

Already businesses that rely on migrant labour are encountering staffing problems and the NHS is being hobbled by the inability to get overseas doctors and nurses! Companies are getting ready to bail out overseas, the thought of being an inward looking small island distasteful to them.

It hasn’t really hit the working man yet but the catastrophic drop in living standards on its way will hit like a sledgehammer! We are on the brink of the biggest mistake this country has ever known! There is one ray of light however on the national front and that is the continuing Labour resurgence under Jeremy Corbyn!

I’m not Corbyn’s greatest fan but I must admit that the policies coming from conference were music to my ears! Re nationalisation of core industries, taxing the rich hard and an equalisation of living standards all appeal to me! Surely these are the goals of everyone not consumed by greed! However one snippet that was news to me was that there is now a growing band within the Labour movement calling for a referendum on our leaving the EU!

Yes we are all fed up with referendums but the one on EU membership will shape the future of generations to come! It is of vital importance that such a referendum takes place! The Tories have well and truly messed up and our future crashing out of the EU makes the future for our youngsters a dire one! I hope Labour can once again come to save the country for let's be honest here the Tories haven’t a clue!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's an upward journey!

Photo 01 - Martin with his super 17lbs Pike from the hall.

It’s an upward journey!

I received a photo early on last week of a very fine Pike caught by a visiting angler. Martin came down from St Andrews way to the village hall on the loch to try and tempt one of the many female heavyweights that abound this time of year. He has been a relatively frequent visitor for a few years now and this recent capture is his best to date on the loch!

It is around the seventeen pound mark and is most definitely a fine fish! However what caught me about Martin was his exploratory discourse prior to coming and indeed after. He was keen to find out about our rules and assured us that he would leave the area spotless which he did! Great work Martin!

This is exactly the type of angler we welcome at the lochs! Gone are the days when we tolerated the likes of the local angling bully sneaking around choosing carefully who he would like next to assault! Gone also are the days of the Pike butchers who stopping short of carving them on the butchers table but treated them so poorly that the death sentence was upon them the instant they were hooked!

Gone are the days when hordes of thugs masquerading under the banner of anglers flooded on to our waters seeking alcohol and drugs more than the piscatorial challenge! Yes indeed it was a fight they were after but not with the fish but with anyone who had the temerity to confront them when unruly behaviour was noted! Gone also are the days of weeding out Vipers in our own nest when Mr Xxxxx was exposed and ousted we were again a club! Yes all the chumps above barred from fishing on our lochs!

Yes we have come a long way in the past decade and of course there are many miles yet to walk! But without fear of repercussion I can say that this club is now the best it has ever been! There will be a few hiccoughs on the way forward I am sure but those who next take on the club will have the mettle to deal with whatever transpires!

Photo 02 - One of three Vipers spotted yesterday!

Keeping up to date!!

The more I read the more bizarre the words of the police at the recent meeting held in the village hall about the Cafe Green appear. In the local rag this week police are calling for CCTV footage of the area in Innerleithen where a cash machine was ripped out of the wall! The missing RAF airman case has also called for more CCTV footage! I could pick a couple of stories every week where CCTV footage is sought or where present has been instrumental in obtaining a conviction!

Look at photo 03 below and you will see the actions of Muppet's! A public information metal sign on a heavyweight post secured with concrete ripped up and discarded into the undergrowth! We have lost two very heavy duty signposts both weighed down with 50 kg of concrete mix, one is in the undergrowth at the graveyard the other under 10 feet of water at the top of the Lowes! 

Technology requires that our thinking moves forward! Would Shakespeare have eschewed the word processor or Bach the electric action pipe organ, of course not! CCTV works whilst we are asleep, on holiday or at home in front of a roasting log fire! In detecting crime any evidence helps, Its time to move into the 21st century!

Photo 03 - What happens to concreted in metal signs (behind village hall)!

A concreted in metal sign is no guarantee of permanence they simply haul them out with the aid of a car then discard them. There used to be one in every lay-by now there are none, instead they are scattered under nearby vegetation. What it all boils down to is that any type of evidence is good evidence!

Photo 04 - The largest of the three Vipers spotted!

Watch your step!

Fishing the village hall area yesterday I strolled down to the loch side and was surprised to see a couple of Vipers basking in the albeit short lived sun. They were off the established path so caused me no problems However this just shows how important it is to not go trampling through vegetation where you may just put your feet in the wrong place!

Dogs are often caught out by this but as sentient beings we should know better and keep to the established paths where at least you can see where you are putting your feet! In all my years at the loch I have never heard of an angler being bitten although there have been a couple of close shaves!

It is unlikely that a bite be fatal but according to the many experts it will be very uncomfortable and it is always best to go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital! Put simply watch your step!

Symptoms of an adder bite when venom has been injected include:
  • severe pain at the location of the bite
  • swelling, redness and bruising at the location of the bite, spreading up the bitten limb
  • feeling sick (nausea) followed by vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • itchy lumps on the skin (hives or nettle rash)
  • swelling of the lips, tongue, gums and throat
  • breathing difficulties with wheezing, similar to asthma
  • mental confusion, dizziness or fainting
  • an irregular heartbeat

The wider world in my view!

The Great speech!

Well we were all on the edges of our seats to hear the latest words of wisdom emanating from Florence as our lame duck Prime Minister took to the stage with news of how she is going to unblock the stalled negotiations with the EU on Brexit! Well not really I fully expected a load of waffle with new descriptors such as creative and imaginative and that’s what we got!

Barnier made it quite clear that what was required from the UK was detail and clarity what we got was more of the same waffle! Theresa Mayhem’s vision of a land of milk and honey where we all get along just fine and everyone lives happily ever after! It must now be clear to all that these diddy’s have not got a clue as to what they are doing! A bespoke deal is what she wants and already Barnier has quashed this notion saying a bespoke deal is not on the table!

Under these bewildered fools we are seeing the country’s credit rating being dropped yet again as fears that the economy is going out of control ahead of a Brexit inspired recession! 
Devoid of ideas they have adopted the Labour policy of going for a two year transition deal something that will be welcomed by British business! 

Rather interestingly copies of e mails have been seen from the Department for exiting the EU where top officials are committing to disk their huge concerns as to how unprepared the government are with no plans at all for a no deal scenario! The reason for this is in case of an eventual botched deal (highly likely) they have on record their concerns in case a Chilcot type enquiry ensues! A rather telling move methinks!

Before the Florence flop we were in the dark as to the governments intentions after the farce we still have no idea where we are going and now the cracks in the Tory party are beginning to reappear having been painted over by Theresa Mayhem! The next few years will go down in history as the time mismanagement, lack of vision and rank incompetence did for our country good and proper!

This weak disunited government is quite frankly on fantasy island in spite of countless warnings to the contrary they still believe they can get all the benefits of the single market whilst shouldering none of the responsibilities! Business is already bailing out and moving overseas as it becomes clear that Brexit means Brexit really means Brexit means chaos!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sensible advice!

Photo 01 - to member David Shotton this will indeed be a memorable Pike, his first one from the loch, well done mate!

Sensible advice!

It happens every year without fail, a boat gets abandoned and left for one of us to retrieve! And true to form it happened last week. There was a decent breeze which as usual worsens as you near the regulator and as such the two anglers hiring a Lomond boat were told not to venture past the Megget burn outflow.

Instead of heading towards the Tibbie they headed downwards and were seen at the regulator. All appeared well then the wind began to strengthen and it was clear there was a problem with the pair making very slow progress  up the roadside. They abandoned the boat at the village hall and our lochkeeper had to run them back to the boathouse.

They were exhausted and shaken but at least had the sense to crawl up the margins rather than tackling open water. Now when our lochkeeper says do not go down to the bottom of the loch she says that with good reason. Unlike some of the small ponds in the area St Mary’s has the potential to be a very dangerous and life threatening loch in wild conditions! Please follow the advice given to you, the above anglers had their pride dented it could have been so much worse!

Thanks to Elliot Fraser who went down on Wednesday evening and collected the abandoned boat and still managed to tempt a couple of Brownies just under a pound each!

Cafe Green meeting!

I went up to the meeting about the Cafe Green on Tuesday evening. It was a well attended meeting that was to encompass a lot more than the problems of the Cafe Green. The main thrust of the meeting was to agree a strategy for going forward for the management of the whole area. 

Representatives of the police and council were present.
Various recollections of past incidents were presented to the meeting and it quickly became clear there was an underlying thrust towards appointing a “warden” for the area to police the area at busy weekends. It quickly became clear that other viewpoints would receive little attention.

Of course our CCTV camera is now in operation but the use of this it seems did not receive the backing of the police representatives present at the meeting. The problem was that our camera was on Tibbie land looking on to a public place and might contravene the data protection act. The following is an extract from the act that covers looking on to the land of others.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its judgment in the case of RyneŇ° on 11 December 2014. In this judgment, the CJEU concluded that where a fixed surveillance camera faces outwards from an individual’s private domestic property and it captures images of individuals beyond the boundaries of their property, particularly where it monitors a public space, the recording cannot be considered as being for a purely personal or household purpose. This means that cameras attached to a private individual’s home may, in certain circumstances, no longer be exempt from the requirements of the DPA under section 36. Those circumstances are likely to include where the camera monitors any area beyond the interior and exterior limits of that individual’s home. This would include any camera to the extent that it covered, even partially, a public space such as the pavement or street. It would also cover cameras which captured areas such as neighbours’ gardens. This decision does not mean that using such a camera is not possible but it does mean that individuals will have to ensure that its use is legitimate under the DPA. The CJEU made clear that use of cameras to protect a property in this way can meet the legitimate interest condition in the legislation. The ICO has produced a short complementary piece of guidance for the public on how to ensure the use of a surveillance camera on a private domestic property complies with the DPA

So if the end cause is a legitimate one there is no barrier to such usage! Of course the usage of the camera is to pick up any untoward behaviour and any other recording captured will be deleted on review.
The police in particular seem none too keen on our camera saying it only gives 2 dimensional evidence. Now there was a proposal for the new “warden” to be equipped with a body cam which would be more two dimensional evidence! The suspected bomber in the recent tube train bombing attempt was identified by a two dimensional camera!

Now if a serious assault occurred on the green I wonder if the police would want to see our two dimensional footage to establish the facts in the matter?  Our camera is rolling and will continue to do so!  When attempting to detect crime you can never have too much evidence! It is now commonplace for police to call for mobile phone footage when they are struggling to progress a case. Dash cams on cars are now everywhere as insurance companies can resolve a claim in one fell swoop! Yes two dimensional evidence is ubiquitous!

The outcome of the meeting was that a warden should be sought to work summer hours telling people how to dispose of litter and trying to instil in people a sense of responsibility towards the countryside. More litter bins should be sought and the 30p per visit toilets should revert to being free. New signage should be implemented to try and reinforce the message that all visitors should behave in a responsible manner.

The low point of the meeting was the attitude of the police in seeming to try and push responsibility on to others to camouflage the number of times they for whatever reason cannot attend to any incident at the loch. They said the area is low priority which most people appeared to accept but when a call was made that call was invariably about something rather more serious!

We all know this inept Tory government has slashed police budgets and what has happened at the loch in the recent past can be attributed to that very action. I had a concern about the personal safety aspect of a “warden” confronting some of the crazed individuals who occasional populate the Cafe Green and the officer stated that appropriate training would be given to the individual appointed.

The meeting ended with a vote on the adoption of a “warden” resulted in my voting against the motion and the rest of the meeting voting for the said adoption. My opposition was quite clear, why waste thousands on paying an individual to try and achieve the desired outcome when our camera already paid for will survey the area day and night without placing anyone in a dangerous situation.

Irrespective of any training or personal skill that individual will be placed in a position of potential harm as has already happened with a local resident! That individual carries no additional authority over any member of the public! Now it’s all very well engaging in welcoming discussion with visitors impressing upon them the need to take their litter home, not to drink too much and keep music levels to a sensible level!

The problem is that the sensible type of visitor who populate the green already do behave responsibly and it is only the small percentage of Muppet types that cause the problems.  Speaking from personal experience these people do not listen to guiding words and have no qualms about resorting to violence and this is where a police intervention is required.

By all means employ a “warden” but believe me it will have no effect on the shenanigans of these hardened Muppet types! Violence in the past has occurred at night, in the early morning hours, where will this “warden” be then? Our camera will be there day and night! The break in at the Cafe a few years back would have been captured by our camera. The community council will do what it thinks is best and we will do what we think is best!

The wider world in my view!

Further into the mire if that's possible!

It is my desperate wish to say that at last things are getting better but the converse is true! At home Brexit is turning even more bizarre as our weak and incompetent government flounders failing to grasp the essentials of the negotiations! To complicate matters and further weaken our position prize buffoon Boris Johnston has revived the biggest political lie ever, that Brexit will gain us £350 million/week!

This absolute fool of a man is spreading lies and false hope enraging our brothers in Europe with whom we are trying to get an amicable deal!  Putting his own interest ahead of the country’s he is trying to gain the support of the many hard Brexiteers before he launches a bid to topple Theresa Mayhem! He has today been rebuked by the National Office of Statistics for the use of this false figure something Theresa Mayhem would like to do but is too weak to do so!

Theresa Mayhem will likely bang a few more nails in her own coffin when she heads off to Florence to address EU leaders!  Wishful thinking and pure fantasy will be the main thrusts of what will surely be a disastrous speech! On the political front the country is in complete chaos and believe me it will only get worse!